A Lincang Wedding

Mario is from Austria and Hanjun is from Lincang, a reasonably small city to the west of Kunming. A group of us were lucky enough to take part in their special day. Almost twenty foreigners (half from Mario’s native Austria) descended into Lincang for the wedding and created quite an attraction for the locals as we drove and walked through the streets. Our visit apparently has made Hanjun and her family quite famous now. A local website even had a poll on the ‘most handsome’ groomsmen from the group.
Here is the day in photos.

The view of Lincang from the hotel, very close to where Hanjun’s family house is and where most of the days activities took place.


A collaborative effort from neighbours, family and friends helped to feed the constant stream of people passing through the house.

The day started with many loud bangs at 5am as fireworks were set off, but we weren’t called to the scene till 9am, when we watched as Mario and his groomsmen begged, sang and paid off bridesmaids to let them into Hanjun’s room. Then Mario searched for her shoes inside the room, put them on her feet and carried her upstairs for family photos.


Under an umbrella which matched her red dress, the bride was carried by Mario with the party following procession style to the wedding cars.

Wedding car, containing Mario and according to the website poll, Nick the ‘most handsome’ groomsmen.

The slow procession of wedding cars ended at a tea house.

20140713-160416.jpgWith classical Austrian music playing, the bride played ‘guess the groom’ by feeling the men’s thighs. Funnily, she guessed wrong.

Tea house staff enjoying the show and marveling at all the foreigners.

Hanjun and her bridesmaids.

The bride changed dresses for the evening reception-style event. The couple stood outside the restaurant for over an hour welcoming guests.

Bridesmaids and groomsmen also stood in line offering guests cigarettes, candy, peanuts and sunflower seeds.


20140713-162324.jpgMore photos were taken outside, then it was back to Hanjun’s for the party.

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