Tomorrow’s Forest, Aomori


In Aomori prefecture on the northern tip of Honshu (Japan’s main island), one of the largest nuclear reprocessing plants is due for completion this year. The Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant has been opposed and protested since its beginning, and along with the debate to end Japan’s reliance on nuclear energy, opposition has become even louder since the Fukushima disaster in March, 2011.

Nearby Rokkasho, lies Tomorrow’s Forest. A picturesque piece of land, with dark back soil, lush greenery and tall trees. Tomorrow’s Forest is an NPO which began in 2008 with its primary aim to provide an example of a sustainable future which does rely on nuclear energy and has a stronger connection to nature.

Tomorrow’s Forest has three main aims;

-We would like to go beyond the adversary relationship between people who support and those that oppose heat and nuclear power stations.
-We would like to show how a comfortable life in connection with the forest is possible for people in various situations.
-We would like to encourage local industry and support the local community while preserving the local environment.









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