Matsumoto Performing Arts Centre, Toyo Ito

The front reaches out and sweeps its guests underneath to a dramatic entrance of curves, lighting and red carpet. The walls are spotted with windows which add to the effect. Once guests are guided to the first floor they are then led to the rear of the building to audience seating. The turning of the stage allowed stage deliveries to be made closer to the main road rather than to the quiet residential area at the rear of the building.

The building has been sunk two stories into the ground and despite its curves and modern appearance blends into its residential surroundings at the rear. Trees almost completely cover the building, while a pond reaching underneath the building gives it the lightness of floating on water.

A rooftop garden offers views across the city, with one performance/rehearsal space being able to open onto the grass for outdoor performances.

The Center has definite signs of grandeur as expected from a building that holds operas, but it still has a distinctly modern feel. The small city of Matsumoto is lucky to have such a beautiful building for its performing arts.









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