One day WWOOF and Slow Food


Fast food is responsible for more than a rise in just obesity but has led to serious environmental destruction, a loss of traditional food and food culture, and an ever decreasing amount of small sustainable farms. From the soil of Italy in 1986, Slow Food has risen to fight back against fast food and the large multinational companies behind it. Slow Food encourages high-quality, small-scale farming and a relaxed lifestyle, where food is not consumed on-the-go but instead, with many friends, well-laid tables and plenty of time. As their website states, We envision a world in which all people can access and enjoy food that is good for them, good for those who grow it and good for the planet.

In South Korea, Beyoungsu Kim is a Slow Foodie and organic farmer in the province of Gyung-gi, not too far from Seoul. Kim has been farming for thirty years before which he travelled the world, visiting communities and studying the best ways of farming and living. He brought back those ideas to South Korea and was one of the first to start organic farming and more importantly to promote and help other surrounding farms become organic too. Now he helps run an cooperative store, where local farmers bring their organic produce, to be packaged and sent to consumers.

Kim is also involved with WWOOF South Korea and together they have created a one-day experience of WWOOF and Slow Food. Open to anybody willing and able, the day introduces the guest to the idea of WWOOFing (work in exchange for food and board) and also the concepts behind Slow Food.

It is a magic combination- good food, good company and a beautiful setting. The shoveling of compost and actual work is barely remembered and just made the rice wine taste even better.







Hard earned makkeoli (rice wine).

Some links:
Slow Food International:

Information from Korea WWOOF about the day:

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