The Jungle House


Down the hill from Pelan Village, amongst the banana and papaya trees lies the jungle house. Extremely compact but with a certain charm, the house challenges those who live in it with its small amount of space.

Living, dining, kitchen is all downstairs within an area of just under 3.5m x 3m. The bedroom is barely a room, a small loft above with the excessive height of 1.3m at its tallest. The toilet is an open air composting bucket, while showers are shared with Pelan Village guests.

The jungle house was built by Ryo Shimizu for and with a past resident and kayak guide of Pelan Village. The kayak guide moved to a bigger house once married and since then the house has seen a few residents. The last occupants, a couple who said the lack of space made their relationship stronger has just moved out and the next couple is getting ready to move in. The next couple however is expecting a child early next year and so the jungle house will, like the trees around it grow as extensions begin soon.










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