Pelan Village

Peace, Love and Nature at Pelan Village.

On the Ogasawara Islands, there is no camping allowed so as to avoid any harm to the environment. Ryo Shimizu, a keen surfer and farmer saw an opportunity to provide island visitors with a type of accommodation which offered a similar experience to camping.

Living amongst the trees.

Pelan Village almost feels like living in tree houses. It sits on a steep slope and all the buildings are raised due to termites. Nature is everywhere, including your bed sometimes. The idea of living at one with nature has been a guiding principle for Ryo. Any possible effect on the environment from human inhabitation has been carefully thought out, right down to the shower toiletries that guests use. Instead of using their own they are provided with vinegar to wash hair and local coconut soap, which all goes straight onto the banana trees. The toilets are simple composting and baking soda is provided for clothes washing.



The accommodation houses.

Pelan Village has grown from its small beginnings but is still intimate and encourages guests to think about their impact on the environment. A community has also begun around Pelan Village with permanent Japanese couples and families living nearby. Ryo has been joined by his wife Chika and their two children Manzo and Umi. Together they provide guests with a memorable experience, filled with nature and interesting conversations.

Instructions on how to wash using baking soda and the charcoal in the hanging socks.

Earth toilet instructions.

The simple but effective composting toilets.

The current resident teenage chickens.

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