Dear India,

Children in Parvati Valley.

Dear India,

You are like a thali*, never ending and full of many different tastes.
Somedays, I could get refill after refill of you, but other days you were too spicy for my tongue.
You are a place of contradiction.
You restored my faith in human kindness, something I didn’t even realise I had lost. How you did this in a place where I was constantly on guard not to trust the the wrong person, I do not know.
I leave you, having learnt so much but knowing much less.
Nowhere, could possibly fill me with as many images as you have done.
Some were reassuring, joyful, breathtaking while others were disturbing, heartbreaking and sad.
Death and Life.
I have never been exposed to so much death, but to you, death is just another part of life.
Nothing to be feared, as normal as it is to breathe.
Life. In all your people, is something tangible.
Something I could almost taste as I looked out onto it and lived and sweated amongst it.
You push and you pull.
You shoved me down but you also caught me every time.
A constant building and breaking. Building and breaking.
You strip a traveller down.
You create a few crazies in the process but also remove egos and ideas about possessions.
You are the ancient, the old, the new and the constantly in progress, but time does not visit you.
I know though, I will be visiting you again.
Because, no where else is like you India.

Thank you.

Shepherds in Chattru.

A travelling Indian family, near Vashist.

Group of guys enjoying the snow on top of Rohtang Pass.

Kids in Jaipur.

*A thali is an Indian meal made up of a selection of various dishes, normally consisting of dahl, vegetable curry, rice, curd (yoghurt) and chappati (flat bread). It varies greatly across India but is usually offered with refills- a never-ending thali.

Thanks India!

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