A baby trek in Ladahk

Lamayuru Monastery.

Ladahk offers numerous treks of all different lengths and difficulties. The Sham Trek is considered a baby trek because you are able to stay in villages, of which the furthest apart are about 3 hours. The are many different versions of the same trek, people taking more or less time to complete it. For our version of the trek, we stayed one night in Lamayuru which we caught the bus to, then caught the bus back to Nurla to begin the trek. We stayed one night in Hemis and our last night in Lekir.

The trekking was mostly through the dry, dusty mountains that cover Ladahk but the villages were pockets of green life amongst what seemed barren. It was incredible the amount of plants that survived on little to no water and even the soil of the mountains had different colours of yellow, red and green.

White cliffs in the moon like landscape near Lamayuru.


The beautiful but barren landscape before Hemis.

Hemis- a pocket of green.


Village architecture.

Prayer flags catching the wind on one of the passes.

Lekir Monastery.

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