Solang Adventure Time

The region of Himachal Pradesh is very popular with domestic tourists. They come to escape the heat of the south and to view the mountain scenery. There are numerous activities for these tourists to enjoy and the small resort town of Solang caters to their every adventure need!

There is a games alley like you would find at any Australian show, but with an Indian twist.




For those more adventurous there is ‘action slope’, where everything happens! Zorb balls, paragliders, horse riders all exist in the same wonderful space where collisions are often a close call. Unfortunately, there was too much wind for the real paragliders, so kids tied with ropes to strong men on the ground were the equivalent.

The following photos just need a man in a red and white striped turtle neck called Wally, there are so many things happening.




There is also a new ‘Ropeway cum Ski Centre’ to take those willing up to the top. In winter, there is snow and the tourists dress up in all they snow gear finery and try skiing. The zorb balls, paragliders, horses and cows all continue around or over them.


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One thought on “Solang Adventure Time

  1. Megs on said:

    Absolute mayhem! Can’t get over the horses walking through zorb terrain… hahaha.

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