Volunteer in Thailand

Does this look like somewhere you would rather be?

Most volunteer programs end up costing the volunteer a lot of money, I believe that your time should always be enough. Volunteering in another country is a very rewarding experience especially when you know that you are actually contributing and helping. I was lucky enough to meet and volunteer with a few teachers from a village school in Thailand. It was an incredible experience in an incredible place. Seeing some of them again just reminded me how lucky I was to have had that experience. They in turn reminded me how they are still in desperate need of volunteers, so here goes my call out…

Rice paddy fields near Nongkhao School.

Nongkhao is a very pretty and neat farming village about 9kms from Kanchanaburi. It has only one secondary school which contains about 200 students. A lot of the students are very poor and a lot have difficulty keeping their concentration in class but the teaching faculty could not be more enthusiastic! A few teachers are very involved in bringing any native or non-native english speakers to the school to help teach but mostly to allow the students the chance to practice english.

Students at the beginning of term assembly with their parents sitting on the chairs.

Thai people learn English from a very young age but it is mostly rote learning. I have found that most Thai’s know many English words, but are too shy to speak as they have never had a chance to actually have a conversation in English.

The school is incredibly pretty with lots of water and many large trees.

Now this may not be volunteering which saves the world, but giving a farmers kid the chance and confidence to speak English could lead them to do many amazing things. The teachers at Nongkhao know this and have managed to get numerous volunteers from all over the world but they are always needing more. Volunteers are well set up with accommodation and I think an allowance in some cases. You will also be made to feel like a rockstar with the large amount of kindness you will receive from the locals. The amount of time you stay is up to you, it can be a couple of days to as many months as you like.

The moat surrounded music room.

You do not need to have a degree in teaching English, you do not need to have had teaching experience. All you really need to know is how to have a basic conversation in English. Easy. Even if you are planning a short trip to Thailand it is worth squeezing in a trip to this lovely village and meeting some of the students. Just plan it better than I did… and plan around school holidays!

Another of the school buildings.

So book your flight to Thailand! You would be volunteering and not paying for it and you really could make a difference in a kids life but best of all you would gain an amazing experience!

Contact me for more information.

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